Traditional Advertising Services

Things have really changed a lot since we started doing this. Not too long ago, you had the “technology” industry and the “advertising” industry and the two had nothing to do with each other. Now it’s being peddled as interactive marketing, digital advertising, etc, etc. Well, however you refer to it, there’s definitely no denying that technology and marketing are more tightly knit than ever. Lucky for you, we have experts for both.

We realize that you may need more than just an internet marketing company. Like an agency who possesses the traditional advertising expertise and proven track record to build your brand offline as well. Ok, seems easy enough. There’s certainly no lack of ad agencies in this world, right? True, but there’s a catch. You want need it all in one place.

Agency212 is a full-service advertising agency, meaning that we can help you with all of your marketing needs, even offline. We’ve been engaging consumers through the use of traditional advertising mediums such as TV, print and radio since 1993 and we’ve helped some big name brands get even bigger (Quaker State, GE, etc). With a mind blowing creative team and a strategic team that’s second to none, we’ve helped clients dominate in a wide range of categories from the fashion industry to the automotive arena. By harnessing our strengths we’ve created an unprecedented synergy. The result for you is a one-stop-shop for online, offline, and multichannel marketing. This is the kind of versatility that you can’t get anywhere else, the type of centralization that eliminates headaches, and the success that’s measured in ROI.

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