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Here at iFuel, we offer a wide range of development, marketing, and creative services to help all of our clients succeed in today’s competitive marketplace. If our experience has taught us one thing, it’s that every business is different. That’s precisely why our process always begins with learning who you are and what your goals are. By maintaining an arsenal of both digital marketing services, as well as traditional advertising services, we’re able to adapt and help you excel regardless of where the rest of your industry is headed.

In a nutshell, iFuel Interactive is a New York based digital agency with international clients – some who you’ve heard of, and some that you probably haven’t. Our capabilities include everything from branding to eCommerce development, proudly making us a true full-service agency. As a division of Agency212, we have both the critical mass and agility to work with clients of all sizes, and across a range of verticals.

Speaking of standing out from your competition, there’s certain things about iFuel that we think make us different than the other agencies out there in NYC (and everywhere else). We take an approach that’s both strategic and creative. We attentively listen, analyze, and react. We have a huge range of capabilities as well as a vault of insights to apply them to. Plus we happen to think that we’re quite friendly and fun to work with which is always a nice thing. Sound good so far?
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A True Full Service Agency

Expertise in Digital Marketing and Ecommerce, Roots in Traditional Advertising and Branding.


Ecommerce design, development, marketing and consulting. For years, we’ve been working with online retailers of all sizes to elevate their site’s user-experience and improve their back-office operations. From extremely complex ecommerce sites, to much more moderate ones. Let us help you find the balance between branding and conversions.

Website Design & Development

The line between form and function no longer exists when it comes to web design. Creative and coding is now collaborative. Site design very much affects site performance, and coding affects perception. We stay on top of the best practices so you don’t need to worry about things like how the placement of copy can affect your search engine ranking.

Mobile App Development

We’ll spare you the crazy stats about how Mobile is taking over. It’s true. You know it as well as we do. We all catch ourselves living our lives with our face buried in our phone or tablet. Mobile development isn’t new, but with the number of devices and screen sizes that need to be accounted for growing by the day, app design isn’t getting any easier. From concept to UI, we design and develop native mobile apps for iOS and Android as well as cross-platform mobile web apps.

Media Planning & Buying

We’ve always described ourselves as media agnostic because we don’t believe in the cookie cutter approach. We don’t build everything out of nails because we happen to have a hammer leftover from the last project we worked on. Working with various clients in a diverse range of industries means varying media strategies. We build media plans for your brand.

Magento Design & Development

Yes, we’re Magento geeks. We work with other ecommerce platforms as well, but we started working with Magento a very long time ago and we’ve been infatuated ever since. We knew back then it would grow into something much bigger and immediately became a Magento Partner. Magento eventually exploded and so did the possibilities for online merchants. We’ve been customizing Magento to do anything that our clients can think of since then.


With more marketing channels than ever before, you need someone who truly knows the landscape inside and out. Our expertise in both digital and traditional marketing allows us to plan and execute effective, result-driven marketing campaigns while ensuring consistent branding across various advertising media.

Partners & Platforms
Strategic Alliances

Having the Right People Using the Right Tools. That's What Fuels Successful Projects. Good News: We Have Both.

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    Magento Ecommerce

    Official Partner & Certified Developer

    Magento Design, Development and Consulting from the Agency Who has Been Doing it for Years.

    Flexible, scalable and cost-effective. The Magento ecommerce platform is one of our favorite platforms because its versatility make it the appropriate choice for such a wide variety of merchants – from our enterprise level Internet Retailer 500 clients, to the smaller emerging online businesses.

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    We'd Say that We Love WordPress Development but that Would Be Stating the Obvious

    WordPress is the Open Source CMS, Blogging Platform and Publishing Tool with an ease of use that’s second to none. It’s incredibly popular, and those who have used know exactly why.

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    We're a Sitecore Partner Because It's the Best .NET CMS Platform We've Ever Used. Period.

    From content, to digital marketing, to ecommerce. The Sitecore Experience Platform creates amazingly relevant customer engagement across every channel like no other platform out there.

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