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Profit on Birthdays

On the eve of my birthday, I must say, I have been inundated with coupons and special offers for my use, and as a consumer, I have taken advantage of almost all of them. Seriously, who doesn’t love celebrating their birthday?

I have received dozens of e-mails from many of the stores and brands I like to shop at, and many of them offer either an amazing coupon, or a free gift for my birthday.


Sephora: I am a member of their Beauty Rewards program, and you get a full sized free birthday presents. You don’t even need to buy anything (but I did anyway) and you can either shop online or go in the store.

Starbucks: I have a registered gift card, and was sent an e-mail saying they were mailing me a coupon for a free drink of my choice.

Hallmark: I’m a Platinum Level Crown Rewards member (thank-you-very-much) and I have gotten so many coupons and offers. I got a birthday card from my local Hallmark store, a coupon for 20% off, and an e-mail for $5 off a $20 purchase.

Ruby Tuesday: I signed up for their mailing list, and got a coupon for a free birthday burger. They cleverly called it, “We Wrapped Your Birthday Present in a Bun.”

Red Lobster: Yes, my guiltiest pleasure in the whole wide world is Red Lobster. I also signed up for their Club Rewards, and received a coupon for $5 off my bill when two adult entries are ordered.

Banana Republic: I have a Banana Republic store charge card, and they mailed me a coupon for $15 off my purchase, with no minimum purchase required.

1-800 Flowers: When I created an account, they ask for important occasions and birthday dates. They sent me an e-mail reminding me my birthday was coming up, and a promo code to save on a purchase.

And the crazy thing is, it is not even my birthday yet, and I have all these coupons and offers. I am excited to see what finds its way to my inbox on my actual birthday!

So, you may be asking yourself, “Why is she ranting on about her birthday coupons?”

The answer is simple: They are getting me to spend more money on their products, by making me feel special and feel like I am a valued customer. For Sephora, I didn’t need to buy anything to get my free gift, but because I was on their website, I decided to order my mascara for $25.00. For the restaurant coupons, they offer me some great deals, but I am not going to dine out by myself, so they know they will have at least two entries on the bill where I use my coupon. Banana Republic’s coupon states I need to use my credit card, so that total purchase will be added to my monthly bill.

It is easy to cash in on people’s birthdays with your own website. When customers need to create an account, be sure to also capture their birthday (or even just their birthday month) so you can send out newsletters with special promo-codes for their use. I’ve noticed that it is common for my coupons to expire at the end of the month, or only be valid for a specific month (ie: September). If you are able to, perhaps you can include a small free gift with any purchase made during the customer’s birthday month. You could even go as far to set a minimum purchase value, before the shopper is eligible for the free birthday gift.

Setting up all these features and promo codes are a snap when you have Magento as your e-Commerce platform. The logic and settings are easy to set in the admin area, and you can be as broad or as specific as you want.

Have questions? Contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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