Keeping Current. ALWAYS look at great design.

If you want to be a great designer,One key thing is you should always be on the lookout for great design. Start making a collection for inspiring and educating yourself. Paging though a great design book can even kick start a creative spell and get you in the mood to create something great.

Obviously the Internet is a way cheaper and more direct resource for design. Some nice blogs to follow are,,, and, This is where inspiration is constantly posted. Also a great way is to join popular online communities like,, and to view work from fellow artists.

Also in the real world don’t forget to look at great design around you. It could be anything from amazing signage in a store window to a really cool birthday card you just received.

Now that you are always looking at great design, the key is to collect it. A great idea is to start a design scrapbook. Including a digital scrapbook, saving screen shots of all the work you love. is a great tool for this.

Collecting the great design that’s all around you will help your work stay relevant while inspiring you to get better.

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