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Meet (the Updated) iFuel. Where Madison Avenue Creativity Blends with Silicon Valley Technology

The merger of Agency212 and iFuel Interactive is official.


TLDR – New look, same talented people, and now an even more full-service agency.

The premise behind the union of these two incredibly talented agencies is simple. Take a strategy-first creative agency, credited with some of the most famed advertising campaigns in history, and add in a technology-agnostic digital agency known for building enterprise-scale solutions. Seek out brands looking to cultivate a strategy that set them apart from their competition (or better yet, create a category of their own so they have no competition). Execute that strategy consistently across every consumer touchpoint (whether it be digital or not), assessing and optimizing each step of the way. Report on the KPIs and rejoice with celebratory high fives.

This has been a long time coming. Agency212 and iFuel have operated as one entity for over 10 years, but maintained multiple personalities for a few reasons. You see, iFuel Interactive was originally launched to bridge the divide between marketing and technology, and to provide the enigmatic “coding” that was needed by advertisers and traditional agencies to keep up with the times and create something relevant during a revolutionary shift in the industry. Today, that gap has been reduced to a blurry line at most, although we could argue it simply no longer exists. CMOs are controlling IT budgets. Ad spends are predominantly digital. Geeks are the Executives. So just as brands have adapted over the years, so have we. This move was an absolute no-brainer for us. It’s a progression in our evolution that moves us a step closer in the pursuit to develop the agency of tomorrow.

So, you ask, “you’re just another digital agency in NYC now?” Hell no. Our roots will simply not allow us to grow into another commodity of an agency. We start with the strategy (every time). And it’s a long-term strategy that taps into emotional connections (not just promotional offers) to build customers for life. The type of strategy that builds sustainable brands, not scams. We have this crazy looking strategic process that is actually kind of simple. So much so that it’s been dubbed the “Simple Strategy” by our team that’s been proving its effectiveness…for decades. Although how they get to the “simple” is anything but. Our strategy harkens back to those Madison-Avenue-Mad-Men days when strategy didn’t depend on type of execution but true brand insights. In other words, we don’t create strategy purely for digital, but all mediums. We may have the heart of a rookie, but we have the wisdom of a seasoned veteran, and we know how to wrap it up and deliver it in tomorrow’s technologies. Which leads us to the next point…

What good is the right strategy without the ability to execute it. Gorgeous, innovative work that wows and conjures all the right feedback. On-brand and on-strategy, because simply put, we get it. Our team consists of the creative brilliance and technical genius to make the vision a reality at every channel and touchpoint. Enterprise level ecommerce websites and mobile apps? Check. 3D POS displays, targeted TV spots, diverse media planning? You know it. Experiences brought to life with Virtual Reality? Roger that. We can do this all day, but the point is we’ve got some seriously talented and experienced people here, and we’ve got you covered. The full-service thing is legit, and it results in a cohesive and effective brand experience that generates the ROI and brand recall you need to be successful in the long term. Give us a shout and we can talk about how it applies to you.

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