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Happy Birthday Andy!

Andy’s birthday fell on a weekend this year, which was followed by him being out of the office on business for a few days. To show him how much we cared, we got him a little birthday present; an entire office!

Andy's Desk, where no detail was over looked.

We felt that Disney Princess Paper was fitting for the door.
His monitors, key board, mouse and desk mat were all wrapped in complimenting paper patterns.

We wrapped his book shelf and eveything on it. Please note the tissue box...
His white board was wrapped, as well as each dry erase marker

Ring! Ring! Ring!
Items wrapped included glasses, file folders, stapler, desk chair, floor mat, cup holder, post it notes, router, paper clip holder, and much, much more.

Andy's Desk all wrapped up!
The Masterpiece!

A great way to be welcomed back after a birthday weekend!

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