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Fix: Magento Cart Price Rule Condition Dropdown Doesn’t Display Attributes

Recently on one of our client’s stores (this one in particular running Magento we ran into an issue with creating a Shopping Cart Price Rule promo. The goal was to create a rule where if there were 3 or more products with a certain SKU in the cart then apply a discount. However, when we went to create the rule – based on SKU – we realized that the conditions dropdown was no longer displaying the attributes as it had in the past. The dropdown looked something like this:

Please choose a condition to add…
Conditions Combination
Cart Item Attribute
– Price In cart
– Quantity in cart
– Row total in cart
Product Attribute
– Attribute Set
– Category

The fix that worked for us:
In the Magento Admin Panel go to Catalog > Attributes > Manage Attributes
Select any attribute that you’d like to be able to sort by in the conditions list. On the edit-a-attribute page, under “Frontend Properties” set “Use for Promo Rule Conditions” to “Yes”. Save the attribute.
Then go to System > Index Management and re-index.

Now – when you go back to creating your Shopping Cart Price Rule, you will see your attribute in the conditions list.

Simple fix for an annoying issue.

24 Responses to “Fix: Magento Cart Price Rule Condition Dropdown Doesn’t Display Attributes”

  1. Thank you.

    Just spent an afternoon reading manuals and getting no where until I found this.

    The fix works form although I have to add my SKUs as ‘Actions’ and not ‘Conditions’. Not a problem, just thought it might help someone else

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