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Recent Work

Here's a sample of what we've been working on lately. A few ecommerce sites, a few custom applications, some internet marketing...You get the idea. One thing you will definitely notice is how effectively we serve various industries. How do we do it? Sorry folks, no magic here. It's our strategic approach that allows us to maintain this kind of success and versatility.

Project: 1/0

phot. lulusplace.co.uk ©

Lulu's Place

Music, Makeovers and More

An international singing sensation since the sixties, an accomplished actress, AND a popular line of skin & hair care products. It's no wonder why Lulu's fans just can't get enough of her. With Lulu, Chaka Khan, and Anastacia's Here Come the Girls tour on the horizon, the goal was to create one venue for all of her fans. A place where they could find the Lulu brand as well as Lulu the celebrity. The resulting website was appropriately named "Lulu's Place" and conveniently houses Lulu's blog, news, photo galleries, and of course her online store.

phot. chromalox.com ©


1,000,000+ Products

Chromalox is a global leader in the manufacturing of precision heating components. Their catalog, dubbed "The Big Red Book", contains over 1,000,000 products. Needless to say that when you're dealing with that many customizable products things can get a little tricky. At the front and center of their immense international sales and distribution efforts is a highly complex string of business critical applications and websites designed specifically to fit their unique needs. Of course when you're dealing with customers like NASA, you need to focus on the quality of your products, not your website. This is just one of the reasons why iFuel continues to manage these efforts for Chromalox.

phot. donnaricco.com ©

Donna Ricco

"Life Feels Different in a Dress"

One of our favorite things about being based in NYC is getting to work with some of the most talented fashion designers in the world. At the top of our list is Donna Ricco. When it comes to keeping their website looking as sophisticated as Donna's dress designs, iFuel never lets them down. But like Donna, the website represents much more than just great looks. The custom .NET platform is completely integrated with the company's preexisting systems to ensure accurate, automated inventory management and more. iFuel also handles the brand's day-to-day efforts which include search engine marketing, email marketing, and social marketing.

phot. myfacecosmetics.com ©


eCommerce with a Little Bling

How do you market to a hip, edgy, and tech-saavy demographic online? First you add a little bling. Myfacecosmetics.co.uk features a visually invigorating design which incorporates stunning photo backdrops that alternate throughout to keep things looking fresh. Second, you find a way to personalize the shopping experience. At myface, we did this by tailoring the shopping experience to the customer's skin tone. Not coincidentally, a product line segmented by skin tone is also what makes myface so distinct. Also added to the mix was a convenient product layout for shoppers who are used to getting what they want on demand and the famous "Bling Bar".

phot. moveout.com ©

Move Out

Sometimes Less is More

A lot of people assume that the ecommerce business model can't be successful when you're dealing with relatively inexpensive goods. Well to that we say "Balderdash". In this particular case the key to success lied in the art of simplicity - so that's what we did. Sure, when you're working with some of the greatest creative talent in NYC it can be easy to overdo it a little. But knowing when to say when is a very underrated skill itself these days. A great ecommerce platform, an SEO friendly design, and a strategy for increasing the average order value all contribute to the success of moveout.com.

A world renowned science lab

(i)Fueling Science

No one has more unique needs than the research department at this prestigious NYC university (Sorry, can't give you the name but you can probably figure it out!). The latest challenge required a custom application to manage over 300,000 biological specimens housed at the research lab. Significant system analysis and design went into developing the solution. An integrated inventory management component is equipped with full traceability and processing history. Since time is usually of the essence when dealing with biological specimens, batch systems allow for the simultaneous processing of hundreds of thousands of samples.

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