Fix: Magento Cart Price Rule Condition Dropdown Doesn’t Display Attributes

Recently on one of our client’s stores (this one in particular running Magento we ran into an issue with creating a Shopping Cart Price Rule promo. The goal was to create a rule where if there were 3 or more products with a certain SKU in the cart then apply a discount. However, when we went to create the rule – based on SKU – we realized that the conditions dropdown was no longer displaying the attributes as it had in the past. The dropdown looked something like this:

Please choose a condition to add…
Conditions Combination
Cart Item Attribute
– Price In cart
– Quantity in cart
– Row total in cart
Product Attribute
– Attribute Set
– Category

The fix that worked for us:
In the Magento Admin Panel go to Catalog > Attributes > Manage Attributes
Select any attribute that you’d like to be able to sort by in the conditions list. On the edit-a-attribute page, under “Frontend Properties” set “Use for Promo Rule Conditions” to “Yes”. Save the attribute.
Then go to System > Index Management and re-index.

Now – when you go back to creating your Shopping Cart Price Rule, you will see your attribute in the conditions list.

Simple fix for an annoying issue.


  1. Win

    Thanks mate! You’re my hero!

  2. Sean

    I second that, Win.

    The Magento Knowledge Base needs to be updated, or the default configuration should include SKU to match the Knowledge Base examples.

  3. Jason

    You just saved me another 2+ hours of going around in circles. THANKS!!!!

  4. Nick

    They should include some basic attributes for promo condition.Thanks!!

  5. Steve Crooks

    Thank you.

    Just spent an afternoon reading manuals and getting no where until I found this.

    The fix works form although I have to add my SKUs as ‘Actions’ and not ‘Conditions’. Not a problem, just thought it might help someone else

  6. gopal

    nice….its a small thing…but very needy…

  7. Dave

    Thanks for this! I agree this needs to be a point in the Knowledge Base

  8. Clive

    Thanks for your post – I have spent over an hour trying to figure out where I was going wrong – or blind…I can’t imagine why this would not be a default setting.

  9. Terence Lim

    You are my hero! The official tutorial didn’t mention about this and I couldn’t where gone wrong until I found this. I can see my product attribute now.

    1. Jacqueline DeVito

      Why thank you; you’re making us blush. Glad we could help!

  10. hannah

    PHEW!!!!!!!!!!!! A HUUUUUGE thanks to whoever figured this out! Magento tutorials was NO help, you saved me another 4 hours of pulling my hair out!

    1. Jacqueline DeVito

      You’re quite welcome!

  11. Francisco

    After this issue i have another problem. When i apply the discount to the sku 1,2 e see that all the other products also get the discount. Any idea?

  12. Peter

    Thanks! How easy, if only it was documented…

  13. Derek

    Thanks for the help. I have had this happen multiple times and couldn’t figure out why. All is good now.

    Thank you!

  14. Magento Manchester

    ABSOLUTE LEGEND!!! Here’s me forking out for expensive plugins when the magento core can do what I’m after anyway!

  15. Salim

    Thanks. That’s not so difficult as I think.

  16. cheayden

    Hello , I am a new magento and my question is that How to show all value of new attribute in dropdown box in shopping cart

  17. Dzarek

    Thanks for the help :)

  18. HELP4BIS

    Legend, been looking for that…
    Reading the tutorials that you can apply a rule based upon SKU… yet SKU is not in the LIST.

    Now it is :-).
    Thanks mate.

  19. Nick


  20. angel

    THANKS..So Helpful!

  21. Shawn

    Made me look like a hero! Thanks!

  22. Miyuki

    Thank you alot ^.^/

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