About Our Agency


iFuel is a mid-size, full-service digital agency located in NY. We’re probably a little different than the other marketing agencies and development firms that you may have worked with in the past. We focus on creating amazing work that your customers will love as much as you will. We do it by combining talented people, high standards and a strategic approach. The results speak for themselves.




  • Brand Development
  • Market Research
  • Insights
  • Competitive Analysis


  • Creative
  • UX
  • Copy Writing
  • Logo Creation


  • Design
  • Development
  • Consulting
  • Marketing


  • Digital
  • Traditional & Broadcast
  • Acquisition
  • Retention


  • Responsive Sites
  • Native Apps for iPhone & Android
  • Cross Platform Apps
  • Mobile Websites


  • Integrations
  • Analysis
  • Implementations
  • Workflow Optimization

Partners & Platforms

Magento Partner NYC

Netsuite Partner NYC

Authorize.net developer NYC
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BigCommerce Partner NYC
Bronto Partner NYC

Our Process

Although it’s not easy to explain our process as it varies from client-to-client, we have tried to summarize it into six broad steps. Some agencies tend to shoot first, then ask questions. Not us. We take a strategic approach to everything that we do which is precisely how we’re able succeed in every category. In fact, we’ve even been known to create our own categories every now and then.

  • Discovery

    Every process starts at the beginning. Every project, big or small, must begin with developing a well-thought out strategy. Our first step is to immerse ourselves in your world – we gather as much information as possible about you, your consumer, and your industry. We want to know everything that you know – this includes what your goals and objectives are, how you would like to grow in the future (expanding customers served, product selection offered, etc) and whom you think your consumer is. We will also review all logistics information thoroughly in this phase including use cases and technical requirements. In many cases, we reach out to the consumer and understand more about them by conducting proprietary research – the more we know, the more successful the end product.

    Incorporating our knowledge of the category, we then take the download of information and develop a unique strategy that can be applied not just to the web development process but can be used for any brand messaging. We call this creative brief the SIMPLE STRATEGY because by the end of the process of gathering information, we whittle it down to a clear, concise brand message that can be used to create a web experience that speaks to the target and ensures that the final product yields optimum results and an ideal user experience.

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  • Design

    Before we can dream up a final design, we have to create a blueprint. This is achieved through a series of strategic steps starting with…Taxonomy and Sitemap: Creating and testing the information architecture and navigation structure to guarantee the easiest access to desired and relevant information.Data Models and Use Cases: For more involved applications we’ll need to define how we’ll be storing and accessing data in the background.Wireframes: The wireframes create a high level design structure for the creative team to work with and provides an arena for content creation.Creative: This is where the look and feel gets created, taking into consideration everything we’ve learned about you and your consumer.
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  • Development

    Once the Design Phase is complete, our programming team will take over and begin development.

    Throughout the development phase, regular walkthroughs are scheduled for client to review and test the progress.

    Any search engine optimization or multimedia animations that are required will also be done at this time.

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  • Quality Assurance Testing

    When development is complete, the QA team will undertake an extensive hands-on testing period including

    • Cross-browser Compatibility Review
    • Bug Testing
    • and Performance Optimization

    As the client, you will also have access for testing purposes at this time.
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  • Deployment : The Big Launch

    Once everything has been tested and approved, we’re ready for the big launch. Deployment will be scheduled for an off-peak to prevent any disturbance to customers or employees. Once we deploy an application, future changes are grouped (as much as possible) into “releases” to allow for organized and tested updates.

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  • Marketing: Maintenance for Success

    After the launch is when our work really starts. Now that your new website or application is live we need to make sure everyone knows it. We have an assortment of cost effective promotion tactics including email, social media, and search engine marketing to help you get the attention you need to be successful. Looking for maximum exposure? Let us build you a custom campaign using both internet marketing and traditional advertising media!

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